findIn my many months of travel, there is one peculiar thing that i have noticed. Many people usually give up good deals even before they try to get one. Bartering as an art seems to be lost on most folks as is the art of comparison-shopping. Every cent that you save while on vacation or travel when making purchases on food, accommodation and transport is an extra cent that you have to spend on adventure and entertainment.

If you want to purchase travel items using your phone, you can get aliexpress coupon in app and use it to activate special discounts and buy things for a cheaper price. You can take advantage of the special offers anytime and anywhere so not only you can save money but also you save time.

Looking for ways to save on your vacation can start online.  Many websites are offering expedia discount code hotel and flight through online bookings.  Be sure to see and compare all the offerings before signing up.

In the awesome city of New York, there is much that you can do as you go about your business here and a vacation in this city is like an Alice’s adventures in wonderland. This city has so much to offer that its hard to know where to start from. One of the things that I would strongly recommend is to make arrangements to save some cash before landing in New York. You can do this by taking time each evening to reflect and take notes about whom you’ve had a chance to talk to and what they offered you in terms of price & perks for accommodations.

New York City is a nice place to shop.  Watch out for remarkable deals that shops could offer. You can save a buck or two and at the same time enjoy the streets of the busiest city in the world

Be Resourceful

Due to high competition, many hotels in New York are willing to offer perks to their clients in order for them to sleep in their hotels. The managers of these hotels are aggressive in selling the properties they manage since they know the more rooms they fill the more money they will make for the hotels resulting in secure jobs for themselves. If you are aggressive enough and make notes of the hotels you’ve had a chance to visit and make tentative arrangements with, you will most likely work out a deal with one of them that is better that what they originally offered you.

new york picnikThis method will probably not work if you try to secure a deal during a weekend that is popular for travel so it is not a good idea to search for accommodation in New York if you’re considering a popular holiday or an extended weekend for your trip. Other than that the rest of the weekends are open for grabs unless there are some large or popular local events that will pull in a huge crowd for the local hotel industry.

Remember what I said in the beginning that many people usually give up good deals even before they try to get one? Not only can you get better deals by comparing competing hotels in New York, but can also get free perks such as meals, tickets to shows, spa packages at the respective hotels and gift certificates at the hotel gift store. You will be surprised at the length hotel managers will go in order to get business from you. The manager will be willing to risk doing business with you on the assumption that he will make up the “losses” in add-on and other purchases.

Make sure you also have quick-witted plans for your OOTD (Outfit of the Day) on your way to your trip. I’m sure many online shops offer nice deals but if you haven’t tried Aliexpress yet, you better check them out because they are superb. As an Aliexpress coupon code first time buyer, they offer unimaginable vouchers for you to shop with.

Observe Tipping

tippingPlease remember to be a generous tipper as some New York hotel managers can get angry and confuse being frugal or cheap. Being cheap is one thing and being frugal is another. If you treat the staff badly they will remember you long after you’re gone! But lets not go there as that is another long story all together. The trick is being polite and nice when dealing with hotel managers over the telephone and going with your best deal.

Please remember that the best deal is not necessarily getting the cheapest room. Look at it this way; if you are getting one or two meals per day when staying with the hotel yet you are only paying 5 or 10 dollars more a day, then i believe you are getting a very fair bargain, particularly if one of those meals is dinner.

Tip for Solo Traveling

When traveling solo, it is much easier to find the best deal.  From airfare, bus rides, hotels and even souvenir shopping can be a lot easier when you’re alone.  Getting more out of your vacation in New York could be quite challenging.  After all, New York is the place of Haute Couture.  Finding something fashionable and decently priced can become a big task to tackle.  Good thing discount codes like nike promo code extra 20 off clearance sale are perfect for budget tight travelers.   Having to spend less and get more out of your buck can really be a neat surprise!

7 thoughts on “How to Find Cheap New York City Hotels


  • Sylvia says:

    Most hotels observe early booking discounts, especially during off-season times. I guess they usually drop their rates up to 50% off during off-seasons. Good luck!

  • Gordon says:

    Most cheap finds are not well-maintained buildings. I experienced some cockroaches under my beddings the last time I booked on a cheap hotel. I guess quality and price really are relative.

  • Dina says:

    Yeah, I agree, tipping is customary to most Hotels – even on other places not just New York. Most people tend to give out their best service to those that appreciate them well. Giving out tips is the best way to show how you appreciate people. 🙂

  • Giselle says:

    Finding cheap does not mean dilapidated. I think that most Hotels are pricey because agents would have a commission on each booking. If you can get a big discount on having a tour package, I think it would be much safer and risk-free.

    1. Pink says:

      I agree with you. Most agents usually do mark ups on the prices that makes the cost a little bit higher than the original price. This is a natural thing for them to do though.

  • Pandora says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this with all of us you really are an expert of what you are talking about!

  • Patricia says:

    Finding the best offer is easy now with triage. Many Hotels around the world advertise their competitive best offers through this app.